James Kates

What should we say about James ? James is a legend, he surfs with the smoothest style, charges slabs like it’s 2 foot beachies, is a creative and talented guy in and out the water and will definitely inspire you whether it is on film in his video parts (watch him surf in THE VIKING I and II) or in real life. Stay tuned for great stuff coming from James & Soyroll™

Current sponsors:
Z I O N, I Am None, Sushift™ Accessories

Home sweet home:
Bulli, NSW, Australia

Current location:
Somewhere in Oz



Watch this now:

More video Clips:
http://vimeo.com/39183623 – James, a Daily Flames South
http://vimeo.com/41063591 – James for HB, 2013 boards release.
http://vimeo.com/41462072 – James having fun in small surf
http://vimeo.com/34117492 – James 2011 clip